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Writing Philosophy: "The story is never over. It is always just beginning anew. Whether written or not, the story goes on."

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The Stories We Hide: Enigma Front 5

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Mother Graveyard

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Our lives are made up of stories, but not all stories are ones we want to have told. For whatever reason, in whatever way, for ill or for good, some stories are buried. Truths are hidden, things go unsaid, and secrets are kept … or not, as the case may be!

Join the writers of the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association on a journey through worlds both familiar and unknown as they explore how a story becomes a secret. To what lengths will someone go to keep their secret? And what happens when our deepest and darkest secrets are uncovered?

These are The Stories We Hide!

Treasures along the Fenceline: A Collection of Creative Works by the Alberta Romance Writers' Association - 2019

Short Stories by R.E. Baird include:


Demon Blood

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Duncan stooped to pick up an envelope that had fallen from his father’s diary. The slip of paper inside read, “A whole new world is only a spell away. Bogely Bogels, Bogely Boo, Bring be back boo Bogely.” The second he had uttered the strange phrase, that made no sense whatsoever, he felt a tug at his bellybutton. Suddenly he was spiraling through a vortex, his parent’s attic whirling in a dark-brown blur as he spun. Pink, orange, green and blue streaks mixed with the brown in a kaleidoscope of colour.

Excerpt from Bogely - by R.E. Baird

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